Roger L. Simon

Munitions for Mullahs

Apropos Russia’s abysmal record in economic competitiveness from the post below, the always-interesting Moscow News is reporting this from another Russan publication, KommersantRussia in a Hurry to Sell Weapons to Iran.

Moscow “has stepped up military-technological cooperation with Tehran,” the business daily said, citing an unidentified source.

It said top officials within Russia’s military-industrial complex decided to concentrate on arms sales to Tehran for two reasons.

“Firstly, as many weapons as possible must be sold to Iran before an international embargo against this country comes into force.”

Secondly, should the United States decide to go to war in Iran, Russia wants Iran to be well-armed to ensure that U.S. forces become at least as bogged down there as they already are in Iraq, the daily said.

“In either case, such a policy carries a high risk of creating a major international scandal, at the very least,” the newspaper commented.

Desperation, greed and stupidity have ruled Russia since the tsars. Why should it change now?