Roger L. Simon

Feingold Fine, Feinstein Not So Fine

Watching final speeches and voting for the Senate Judicary Committee hearings on the Roberts nomination, it was interesting to see who were thoughtful public servants and who were the partyline hacks. I was surprised to find my generally sensible senator Dianne Feinstein falling so definitively into the latter category. In fact I would characterize her performance as pathetic – she read the most banal imaginable text laden (or leaden) with hoary liberal shibboleths in a rote manner that convinced you she couldn’t possibly believe a word she was saying. Whatever the cause – campaign contribution desperation, fear of her left flank – I think the woman made a fool of herself.

On the other hand, Russ Feingold, whose core political beliefs are far more liberal than Feinsteins, followed the Constitution and voted yes. You may disagree with Feingold but he is not a fake. That is what democracy should be.

As for Biden, well, I can’t say I blame him for voting no. If Roberts had made as much of a fool of me as he did of the Senator from Delaware, not only would I have voted no on the nominee, I would have wanted to break his kneecaps.