Roger L. Simon

Pajamas Media Road Map up

A general road map for what to expect on the Pajamas Media site through November 16 has just been posted. Why November 16? That is the date we have chosen for our big launch event in New York City with panel discussions, pompous and not-too-pompous speeches and party! The venue(s) will be disclosed shortly, but down payments have been made – so the date can’t slip!

More details – including the identities of members of our Editorial Board – will be revealed in coming days. We’re very excited about that board because it mixes well-known bloggers with well-known MSM people (sympathetic to blogs – some blog themselves). They also come from all sides of the political spectrum. What we intend to do is tone down the rhetoric and increase the dialogue. We don’t know if this is possible, but we intend to try. It’s that democracy thing, doncha know?