A Trip Ends with Minds Turned Toward Home

Sheryl, Madeleine and I are leaving Kyoto tomorrow and making the long voyage home – a trek which has us departing Kyoto at eleven a.m. and arriving in Los Angeles at one twenty-six p.m. the same day after two train rides and two plane rides. We’ve had a wonderful time in Japan but the last few days, it will come as no surprise, our minds have been turned toward home. Who could have guessed when we left what would happen during our trip?


I am returning with considerable contempt for CNN and continued (and growing) respect for my brothers and sisters in the blogosphere who have again covered a catastrophic situation with far more perspicacity and far more compassion than the self-regarding nabobs of cable televsion.

Michael Malone
, ABC’s Silicon Isider, has an excellent tour d’horizon of how the blogs responded to the hurricane.

We have temporarily interrupted our publishing of contributor profiles at the transition Pajamas Media site to provide more Katrina coverage and disaster relief links.


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