Pajamas in Transition

I’m sure most of you have already seen this on LGF, but the Pajamas Media in Transition – Information Site is finally up. And, yes, I admit it, Charles did all the work (well, most of it) while I goofed off over here drinking sake and taking hot baths.


But seriously, we’re all very proud of this site (transitional as it is) and proud to have Evan Coyne Maloney as our first contributor profile of many to come. Evan represents well what we are trying to aggregate and encourage – the original minds of the blogosphere.

Check back with the site as new contributor profiles appear every day or so.

UPDATE: Thanks for the feedback below. This is not a “true beta” but a transitional/informational site for something much larger coming in the fall. We had included RSS feeds but they were not yet activated, should be shortly (if not already). As for the type face, we’re taking it under advisement. One possibility, of course, is to provide a toggle for font size. Colors, etc., are only provisional.

Also, to the question of whether affiliated bloggers will be keeping their own blogs, the answer is an emphatic yes. The intention is to enhance those blogs and to increase communication between them, also to highlight new blogs as they develop.


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