Roger L. Simon

Google and the "Good Omen"

I took Google Ads off my site tonight. I took them off once before but this time it is permanent. Their system of automated word matching ended up with my running an ad for Ali al-Timimi’s legal defense. You may recall Al-Timimi,according to the AP, an Islamic scholar who prosecutors said enjoyed “rock star” status among a group of young Muslim men in Virginia. [He} was convicted Tuesday of exhorting his followers in the days after Sept. 11 to join the Taliban and fight U.S. troops.

Perhaps Google doesn’t care about such things in their pursuit of lucre or in their “multi-culturalism,” but many Americans might be slightly concerned about the following: The evidence included a 2003 e-mail in which al-Timimi described the Columbia shuttle disaster as “a good omen” that “Western supremacy (especially that of America) that began 500 years ago is coming to an end, God willing.”
Google can conduct its fund-raising for this religious sociopath on another site, not this one. Hereabouts: Google no more.