How Can Pajamas Media Top This? Dining at Google

When you’re a successful Internet company, evidently you need to treat your employees very well – especially at lunch.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Google Inc., a company that had long employed the former cook for one of the world’s most famous rock bands to keeps its employees well fed, launched a worldwide search on Thursday for two new chefs.


The Internet search company, which proudly boasts of fine cuisine free to employees, announced its hunt for culinary excellence in the loudest possible way — by issuing a news release on the job openings.

Charlie Ayers, who once cooked for the Grateful Dead but then earned valuable stock options as an early employee with Google, left in May to start his own restaurants. The company was so pleased with his culinary work that it even introduced him to investment analysts visiting in February.

The company said the chefs would oversee menus “from vegan entrees to pad Thai, grilled burgers, and wood-fired pizza-all while using organic ingredients whenever possible.”

Google said it would sponsor a cook-off between its top four applicants before the two hires would start preparing offerings which in the past have included “sweet potato jalapeno bisque with corn” or “grilled petite New York sirloins seasoned with Creole spices.”

We hadn’t been thinking so much about lunch at the new offices of PJ media slated to open in a month or so in El Segundo, CA. We’d been focusing on such things as Internet connections and servers and whether there’d be any decent parking in the building. But maybe we have our priorities wrong. Maybe Google could spare one of their also-rans in the chef competition, even though I have a feeling we may not be able to afford him or her, especially if they too worked for the Grateful Dead. We don’t have money for those kind of luxuries. As the Dead’s great songwriting duo of Robert Hunter and Jerry Garcia warned us about “Uncle John’s Band“: “Well the first days are the hardest days, don’t you worry anymore…


MORE on dining at Google here.

(ht: Sheryl, who is a pretty good cook herself)


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