Some British Understatement

You’d think that by now our British cousins would be having difficulty maintaining their traditional low key approach, but it is still evident in this BBC report on Iran.


Iran has announced it will resume its controversial nuclear programme imminently in the face of a European Union appeal to wait for talks.

Officials said they would inform UN nuclear inspectors of the move on Monday and then begin converting raw uranium at a plant in Isfahan.

The UK, which is leading EU attempts to negotiate a compromise, said the move would make further talks difficult.

“Difficult?” How about… (translation from the Brit into Brooklynese)… fuhgedaboudit?! I don’t know about the rest of you, but after the recent attacks in the London tube, I find the thought of a nuclear armed Iran even more terrifying than before. I don’t believe the Mullahs are any more responsible than those psychopaths who were just rounded up after planting those faulty bombs in subway stations.


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