Roger L. Simon

Joltin' Bolton

A gaggle of supposedly “progressive” Democrats is continuing to oppose the nomination of John Bolton for UN Ambassador while simultaneously ignoring the massive corruption at the UN itself, which is a thousand – make that a million – times worse than any “crime” allegedly committed by the nominee. The latest Bolton “malfeasance” that has these reactionary progressives jumping up and down is that the State Department official failed to note on a form that he had been interviewed by another State Department official on the old uraniumin Niger issue. Never mind that no one was accusing Bolton of having been involved in a crime here or even having lied or that, one assumes, all such interviews are a matter of record for anyone with the slightest interest. No, this is high partisan political farce at its purest. And like most games of its sort, it is monumentally stupid, because those very people who think they are defending the UN (or something) by keeping the reform-minded Bolton out of the international organization’s corrupt and decaying halls are the very ones (not Bolton) contributing to the UN’s demise or future irrelevance.