"Does terrorism exist?" - The Belmont Club examines Beeb-think

From Wretchard:

Yet on one limited point the BBC’s producers may be right. There probably isn’t a single controlling terrorist network in the world today; but multiple ones each with their own specific goals who may maintain links with each other, just as the multiple totalitarian movements in the 1930s formed an axis whenever it suited them. But the multiplicity of diseases does not invalidate the notion of disease. Terrorism does not exist simply because the Google search engine lets us pull together disparate threads to conceive it. The mind assisted by instruments can discover terrifying phenomena invisible to the eye. Then horror may take on the aspect of nightmare, except that it is all too real.

Dr. Sanity
, amplifying on Wretchard, analyzes the blindness this way:


What we see in the delusion that “terrorism does not exist”, is a desperate attempt by the Left to explain– in terms they can understand, their own fall from power and influence in the world. They would rather believe this illusional “nightmare enemy gives so many groups new power and influence in a cynical age – and not just politicians”; rather than to deal with the fact that they no longer have the power and influence they once had, prefering to believe that it has been stolen away from them by vague conspiratorial forces.

Additionally, they unknowingly demonstrate the typical cold grandiosity and arrogance of the true paranoid, by asserting that their own superior intellect allows them to see beyond the obvious facts that we mere mortals must deal with.

In ohter words, that’s not Zyklon B coming through the nozzle. You’re only dreaming it up.



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