Roger L. Simon

A Rip in the Republican Tent

As we know, many Democrats and their leaders continue to be mired in the past (Vietnam) and unable to confront the massive danger to civilization in Islamofacism, rendering their party increasingly irrelevant, even obsolete. But the Republicans too have a vulnerability of their own – social issues. The restraints on stem cell research discussed on Instapundit this morning are one example. The Schiavo Affair, which seems particularly ludicrous after the deceased’s autopsy revealed she was irreversibly brain damaged, was another.

You don’t have to be a libertarian to think the government should be chary of sticking its nose in matters so dictated by individual religious belief. Freedom of religion is one of the bastions of American society, one of the reasons for our existence. The imposition of one citizen’s religious belief on another citizen is one of the characteristic levers of fascism. Let’s stay as far away from that as possible.