Did Rove lose his cool?

I certainly don’t know the answer to that, but if he wasted even a minute of his time bad-mouthing Joseph C. “Our Man in Niger” Wilson and his hemi-semi-demi covert agent wife, he’s not the cold-blooded strategist he is reputed to be. (But who is?)


Now the reified libs over at the NYT are reported to be riding forth in high dudgeon to support freedom of the press or their own anonymous sources – or something – in the pursuit of the nefarious presidential adviser. Off with his head, so much for Rovingham! The great game of the Administration vs. the Media goes on while in the real world people are still being unearthed from the smouldering remnants of the Underground.

MEANWHILE: Here’s something I definitely prefer to the New York Times these days. (ht:Sheryl) But Clive Davis points out the Grey Lady herself disapproves. [It’s that Boxer woman again.-ed. Which one – Sarah or Barbara?]


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