Roger L. Simon

Thursday Not in the Park with Charles in the Silicon Valley

Charles J. (along with pajamahadista Jill Stewart) and I went to a hamburger and beer reception for the Always On/Technorati Open Media 100 at a semi-biker/semi-Stanford hangout formerly known as Rosati’s, now known as (for reasons obscure) the Alpine Inn.

This was a brave new world for Hollywood-types like me who still have to learn that VC isn’t short for Vincent Canby, but I just nod along, pretending I understand, when conversation turns to such matters as PHP and Perl. Hey, in local parlance, I’m just a content provider (formerly known as a writer). Anyway, there was much talk of Pajamas Media with such Sil Val illuminati as Tony Perkins of Always On and David Sifry of Technorati.

Everyone wanted to know what we were up to with Pajamas (so do we – just kidding). One particularly grizzled fellow who looked like a veteran of Kesey’s bus queried Charles and me about our “politics.” When I allowed as how we were the kinds of fellows who favored gay marriage and the War on Terror, he looked incredulous. How was such a thing possible? His reified brain looked as if it were about to short circuit. Then he smiled in relief. “Ah…” he said… “You mean the Global War for Oil!” Now it was Charles’ turn to look stunned. (In fact, more than stunned. I had never seen such a look of contempt on his face.) Were there still people who believed in this nonsense on the very day jihadists had blown up people all over London? Yes, there were. And a lot of them are in the Silicon Valley… and, I have to readily acknowledge as I type away on the Norman Mineta San Jose Airport WiFi before boarding the plane home, back home in Hollywood as well.

UPDATE: History of the party venue here. Good burgers, btw.

MORE: A “Furthur” report (in more ways than one) here.