Roger L. Simon

The Mesopotamian...

… is another fine Iraqi blog fighting our media bias. Here he translates an article entitled “Thank you Mr. President; at last Al Jaafari said it”. Alaa (the Mesopotamian) concludes himself:

Politically, the U.S. has made an important conquest so far: That of the hearts and strategic alliance of both the majority of the Shiaa and certainly the Kurds; that accounts for at least 75% of the Iraqi people. And I am sure a sizable part of the Iraqi Sunnis can be won over eventually. The undercurrent of largely unspoken popular support and gratitude remains despite all the hardships, mistakes and even harshness in the relationship between the troops and the population due to the mistrust created by the terrorists. This is something that no amount of Media bias and enemy propaganda can shake off. This is the decisive factor, and this is what is going to prevail in the end of the day. (ht: Dean Benjamin)