Dept. of Pigs and Dogs

It seems Iranian president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, during his hostage-taking days, was a master of the “sophisticated” rhetoric of Islamofascism.


One of the former US embassy hostages tells us: “In one incident he just called (Army attache Col. Charles Scott) pigs and dogs and we deserved to be locked up forever,” he said. “When you’re placed in a life-threatening situation of that nature, you just remember those things.”

I imagine you do.

Mind you I don’t have anything against pigs and dogs, but it’s clear these people do. As a matter of fact, I think my greyhound Zane is often my superior. (He knows how to stay calm better than I do and he can see a tiny rodent at a hundred yards while I’m still shuffling for my glasses.) Still, things in Iran are clearly headed for the Dark Ages in a hurry. Let’s hope this paranoid swing to medievalism foments an even more definitive swing to democracy and modernity. And soon.


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