Roger L. Simon

The Speech

Sorry for not posting my view of the Bush Speech on here (and providing comment space for yours) but I have been exceptionally busy, among other things attending a dinner for Frank Gaffney who is visiting Los Angeles. Mr. Gaffney, President of The Center for Security Policy, will be interviewed this evening at 7:30 by Hugh Hewitt at LA’s Museum of Tolerance, an event worth attending if you are in the area.

As for the speech, I thought it was okay and worked up a head of steam toward the end. Bush is no Churchill or even Tony Blair when it comes to public speaking, but we knew that and that is not the point. The point is that he should be making speeches like this every week to keep the country focused on the monumental job at hand. Social Security, as important as it is, can wait. In fact, SS, even more than the GWOT, might profit from a little quiet diplomacy.