Roger L. Simon

The Charge of the Light Basij

This BBC article quoting world leaders on the Iranian Election is (kind of) interesting. Worth noting are the words of that great “democrat” Vladimir Putin:

I am convinced that your election, which came as a result of the Iranian people’s will, will guarantee continuity in the development of partnership between our countries.

Translation: Keep the cash flowing.

The words of Israel’s Shimon Peres:

Neither the primaries nor the recent round of elections were free, and were contests between extremists. The candidates were pre-determined, as were the results…

The conclusion is that the dangerous combination of extremists, non-conventional weapons and isolation from the West will continue, and will generate a great deal of problems for the free world.

Translation: Look out below. (well, maybe not… but a lot of people might be relieved if they did)

In any case, this man seems to be auditioning hard for the role of Chief of the Basij (Khomeini’s religious police).