Roger L. Simon

Suggestion for Soros - Double Down!

George Soros has been taking some hits across the blogosphere for the plan for turning the Ground Zero Memorial into an advertisement for post-modern, pseudo-liberal cant. Debra Burlingame, sister of 9/11 victim Chic Burlingame, is justifiably appalled.

But I have a suggestion for Mr. Soros. When attacked by a hail storm of criticism, do what others do and double-down. Why do this in half measures? Why not turn Ground Zero into something that would really make you proud – A Memorial to the Victims of the American Gulag in Guantanamo? And it wouldn’t even put a dent in your billions. All you’d need is some barbed wire, some salsa music and a half-way decent copy of the Mannekin Piss in Brussels.

UPDATE: Maybe PowerLine already has the design.