Roger L. Simon

A Pajama Invitation

Glenn links to an interesting post by Jeff Jarvis this morning: “Is Google the next AOL?” We could call this the Big Company Conundrum – the assumption being such entities, as they grow larger, grow increasingly unresponsive to their public, possibly to whither and die.

Google has tipped their “unresponsive” hand in two (probably more) important ways – seemingly opting for short term gain by not disclosing their ad rates to most, if not all, of the sites running their ads and by exercising apparent political bias against certain websites, many of them bloggers (talk about biting the hand that feeds you!), on their own Google News site. Now they seem to be on the brink of institutionalizing their bias through patented algorithms ranking news according to their authority system.

We at a very, very, very small (but growing quickly!) company called Pajamas Media have been watching this process. Although just being born, like all little acorns, we have aspirations. We would not like to make the mistakes of our predecessors. We are “New” Media after all, even though that term is to some degree amorphous. This is especially true since…

The link between bloggers and their readers/commenters is unique. Not only do we want to honor that… we want that link to grow, prosper and reach heights that surprise us all. We want all parts of the blogging community to feel they are part of Pajamas. (No jokes, please!… okay, a few)

The intention of Pajamas Media is to serve ads on blogs through aggregation (coming soon) and to form a Blog News Service. There could be more than that and… importantly… we could (and want to) do those things in new ways. Toward that end, I throw open this post for your comments and suggestions.