Roger L. Simon

Which Side Are You On - Again and Again

While certain reactionary individuals pretending to themselves that they are “progressives” or whatever continue to block John Bolton’s nomination as UN Ambassador because of Bolton’s alleged “bad manners,” the really bad manners of the United Nations itself continue to be revealed, thanks, as per usual, to Claudia Rosett.

And today, as we learn about the hideous suicide murders in Erbil, she reports the UN ugliness is mounting.

But the documents provided by BNP [the French Oil-for-Food bank] under congressional subpoena and examined by The New York Sun suggest to congressional investigators that some of these mistakes involved the rerouting of money through a global web of companies linked not only to terrorist funding and arms trafficking but also to anti-sanctions campaigning and front operations for the Iraqi regime itself.

In other words, the UN Oil-for-Food program, which was meant for starving children, was financing both terrorism and a terror regime. Meanwhile, the likes of Barbara Boxer and Chris Dodd are concerned that an “ill-tempered” man has been nominated to clean this up. This is what “liberalism” has come to? How do these people look at themselves in the mirror?