Roger L. Simon

The United Nations: "Discrepancies R Us!"

One of the things that makes the Iranian mullahs a formidable adversary of freedom is that they are not stupid. Their invitation to Iranian born Elahe Mohtasham, a sometime represenative of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation and International Safeguards System in London, to view a nuclear facility in Esfahan was clearly not a whim and, despite her fluent Farsi, Ms. Mohstasham was undoubtedly shown what they wanted her to see and told what they wanted her to know.

Even so, her article in the London Times article makes fascinating reading. Here is a telling graph:

At the end I asked how much UF6 had been made at Esfahan. The latest information published by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whose inspectors visit every three to four weeks, showed that 40-45kg had been produced by last June.

“The IAEA has been informed that in October three tonnes of UF6 were made,” said one of the scientists.

The information was highly significant: it proved that Iran has the capacity to produce UF6 on an industrial scale. Would it be able to make enough to feed 50,000 centrifuges planned for the Natanz enrichment plant, I asked? “Yes,” came the reply.

Iran says it would need enriched uranium from 50,000 centrifuges to sustain a domestic nuclear power industry and sell nuclear fuel commercially abroad.

Three tons or 45 kilgrams? That’s a rather large discrepancy isn’t it? Oh, yes, I forgot – we’re taking about a UN agency here. Perhaps they should wear T-shirts… “Discrepancies R Us!”