Roger L. Simon

Haifa, Mon Amour

When I first read this report about the boycott of Israeli universities by Britain’s AUT (Association of University Teachers), I cleaned the steam out of my ears and shrugged, repeating the familiar saw: “Everything old is new again.”

But then I realized that it was specifically Haifa University these clowns were boycotting, where I have a friend on the faculty. In fact, that friend, A. B. Yehoshua, is probably the finest writer I know (and I know more than a few). He is also arguably one of the world’s greatest living authors, oft spoken of for a Nobel Prize, and a continuous and well-known supporter of Palestinian-Israeli peace, even at the height of Intifada II. So this is who those racist at the AUT are boycotting. Good thing Kafka isn’t still alive. They’d probably boycott him too. What idiots!

(And now I am off the LA Times Festival of Books where I am hoping not to be boycotted. Back later in the day.)