Roger L. Simon

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - 2005!

It’s that time of year again when readers, writers and booksellers (not necessarily in that order) come together to swap stories, read stories, sell stories, inflate their egos and drink untold cases of bottled water (for some reason it’s usually brutally hot) on the UCLA campus for America’s biggest festival of books. The rap on Southern California is that people here don’t read, but it turns out they do. SoCal is actually the country’s biggest book market, so the event attracts half the literary hucksters in the known universe. [I hope you’re not referring to present company.-ed. Of course not.]

Anyway, the whole thing goes off this Saturday and Sunday, including many panels and speakers that you can find out about here. I’m going to be on the mystery panel on Saturday at one p. m. with two of the best thriller writers around, Kem Nunn and T. Jefferson Parker. And if that’s not exciting enough, the moderator Tod Goldberg, is a blogger.

If you come by, introduce yourself. I may need support. Last year at my panel there were some nasty cracks about my apostasy. And speaking of last year, here are some photos.