Roger L. Simon

Behind the Blue Nosers.

I fully support the BoifromTroy in his campaign to oppose the “decency” restrictions on cable and satellite stations being proposed by the Bush Administration and the National Association of Broadcasters. Besides the obvious — that people censoring what we watch in the name of their “moral values” is anti-freedom and frequently hypocritical – I suspect something else is afoot: greed. Those “licentious” cable channels are just making too much money for the stodgy old networks.

I’ll make my own decisions about what I watch, thank you, and my wife and I will decide for our six-and-half-year old daughter. As BoifromTroy asks, what do we have those V-chips for anyway?

UPDATE: Pieter Dorsman has more on the V-Chip and even news of the hitherto unknown N-Chip. [Does he know you have a Pamela Anderson ad?-ed I don’t know, but I know somebody who does.]