Roger L. Simon

My Drudge Story

Perhaps Sissy Willis (via Glenn) doesn’t know how right she is when she writes about Matt Drudge’s blogphobia this morning. A few weeks ago, I was linked on the Drudge Report (in red, no less), concerning some original reporting I was doing on Oil-for-Food. No, my server didn’t crash but the link, which had gone up in the evening, was gone by morning. Reason: it was put up by Andrew Breitbart in California and removed by Drudge himself in Florida the next day. Breitbart, who is very blog-friendly and was then doing half the Drudge Report, had made the citation and Drudge took it off. No matter that the story proved to be accurate. Our Matt evidently can’t stand on line competition. No real surprise there.

Maybe I am prejudiced in favor of Breitbart – a bright guy who has now left Drudge for more ambitious pastures – but I’ve noticed a decline in the Drudge Report recently. It seems to have lost its edge. But I don’t expect Matt to get desperate enough to link blogs. Generosity is not his long suit.