Roger L. Simon

Sunday at the Matzah Factory with Madeleine

Passover’s on its way and Madeleine’s Sunday School class, accompanied by a fair number of parents, went to the source today to see how that famous unleavened bread is actually made. This particular Matzah Factory, however, isn’t in Poland or even the Lower East Side, but in Westwood, CA at the UCLA Chabad House where several of the young Chabadniks entertained the kids with their version of the Passover story. That’s Ramses, the Pharoah and Moses boogieing down, in case you didn’t know.

After the dramatics, Madeleine and the others were asked to slip out of Egypt via this Pyramid, which actually had a tunnel through it.
Then they arrived at a farm where they were instructed in the harvesting of wheat (for the matzah, of course):
And then proceeded on to:
…where they travailed, flattening that flat bread and pricking it with that strange medieval device…
…and then bringing their efforts to the baker…
… before eating them…
A real, authentic Passover Matzah has to be made in eighteen minutes, we were told, to mimic the speed our ancestors took while hightailing it out of Egypt. This took a bit longer, but it was fun. And the matzah wasn’t bad!