Roger L. Simon

Hum Drum

As anyone following this blog knows, I did not share the interest that many had in the Terri Schiavo case. I felt the whole event was fraught with the worst kind of media and political posturing on all sides and should not have been brought before the US Congress. After a while, I just tuned it out.

Nevertheless, I found Kevin Drum’s resorting to what might be called the blog version of the “nuclear option” and telling other bloggers to “STFU” about a matter involving the Schiavo affair to be… to put it charitably… ill-advised (not to say vastly unimaginative). Perhaps Kevin is suffering from the fact that on larger issues like Dan Rather and Eason Jordan, indeed on the increasingly positive results of the War in Iraq itself, these same bloggers (PowerLine, Hugh Hewitt and Michelle Malkin) have been more accurate than he. Yes, they may have misfired in this case (I don’t really know, because, as I just noted, I tuned it all out), but I wonder if Kevin’s asking them to “STFU” might actually have elements of projection.

UPDATE: As I stated before, instead of Schiavo, why doesn’t our Congress have an emergency session to deal with this? We know the UN’s not going to do it. You don’t have to be Jeremy Bentham to see this is the “greatest happiness of the greatest number.”