Roger L. Simon

Sandy Scissorhands

Sandy Berger should go to work for the UN. They seem to like document shredders over there. But you would hope our government would have higher standards. The plea bargain worked out allowing the former National Security Adviser to get off with a misdemeanor and a measly ten thousand dollar fine is disgraceful. That Berger would be returned his national security clearance after three years (or ever) is beyond any judicial parody in a Bertolt Brecht play.

Those who worked out this bargain should be called to account. In a society where people go to jail for ten years for holding up a 7-11, when one of our highest public officials steals documents from the National Archive and then scissors them, letting him off with the equivalent of a slap on the wrist is putting those same scissors to our system of justice. Shame on the judges and lawyers who permitted this.

UPDATE: Chris Muir has fun with this one.

MORE: The movie’s already out!