Roger L. Simon

Not Enough Wasabi on the Chalabi!

Okay, don’t hit me, but it’s getting to be cocktail hour on Friday and I’m getting a little slap-happy.

Anyway, it seems that… everybody’s favorite whipping boy from the days when the “Noble Moore” bestrode the world like a colossus and the Iraq War was an unmitigated disaster with Jihadi “Minutemen” the only salvation for the civilized “progressive” mind… Ahmed Chalabi… was not such a nefarious trickster after all. In fact he and his “repeatedly tarred” Iraqi National Congrees were not finally the source of all the misleading information about WMDs. Of course, don’t expect to find this kind of exoneration on the front page of the NYT or the WaPo. It’s buried deep deep deep in an intelligence report. Clarice Feldman had to do the work for us, digging it out. Thanks, Clarice.

(ht: Catherine Johnson)