Roger L. Simon

Waiting for Volcker

Today’s Wall Street Journal has a piece Kojo’s Iraq Connections with more on Kojo Annan and Pierre Mouselli reported here earlier.

UPDATE: For those interested, the Volcker Committee report will be posted here at noon.

MORE: There is a post now up on Instapundit, linking to TigerHawk, about the Wall Street Journal not crediting this blog on the above story. TH wonders (politely) whether I might have had the Journal’s help in the story. To the contrary. This information came to me first and I brought Claudia Rosett into the loop because of her great knowledge and credibility on Oil-for-Food. The WSJ article this morning was not by Claudia who was in transit from Beirut while it was being written. Whoever wrote that story (it is unsigned) contacted Mouselli after reading my report and decided, for whatever reasons, not to credit this blog.

MORE: Some early report info from the AP:

Investigators of the U.N. oil-for-food program in Iraq said Tuesday there was not enough evidence to show that Secretary-General Kofi Annan knew of a contract bid by his son’s employer.

The conclusion in the investigators’ report was not the clear vindication that the secretary-general had wanted.

MEANWHILE: You will be relieved to know “France backs Annan ahead of crucial report“.

MORE: I have been informed that Mouselli has been interviewed by Fox News and should be appearing in the next hours.

CORRECTION OR AMPLFICATION: I have email from Bret Stephens at the WSJ that their Mouselli opinion piece came from Mouselli’s attorney, Adrian Gonzalez, calling them, and was not inspired by this blog. Frankly, I am pleased to hear that since the WSJ has been one of the few major dailies that are not normally threatened by blogs and acknowledge them.