Roger L. Simon

What We Read in the Papers

What always interests me about stories like this one in the London Timesonline, detailing alleged Israeli plans to take out the uranium enrichment plant in Natanz, Iran, is who told the reporter and why. Almost always, this is not revealed. Of course it is common sense that the Israelis and the Americans have such plans, quite possibly other countries as well, but who reminded the Times’ Uzi Mahnaimi of this truism in the last few days and why did the Timesonline decide to publish just now? It’s interesting that this is all hot on the heels of the Americans finally “acquiescing” to the European plan, which is essentially to bribe the Iranians into staying away from nukes – a plan which took an almost immediate nose dive when the Mullahs rejected it. Perhaps the intention of this article was to get the attention of those same mullahs. Or perhaps some other game is being played. When you read an article like this, you don’t know what or whom to believe.

It’s kind of the opposite of reading Omar and Mohammed, men who write with an extraordinary concern for humanity. Now they are telling us how many Iraqis are getting fed up with the Assad clique in Syria and acting upon it themselves. This is heartening news indeed if you think it through.

UPDATE: Here’s another article filled with unnamed “officials” and “diplomats”. Is it truth or fiction? Beats me. But if it’s fiction, they should write better.

AND: Soxblog has more on the latest Pulp… excuse me… Times Fiction.

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