Roger L. Simon

"Submission" - The Sequel

Hollywood remains shamefully silent or ignorant or both (I’m betting on both!) on the death of fellow filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who directed the short film “Submission” and had his throat cut for his work by an Islamist psychokiller in Amsterdam. No mention of this event at the Academy Awards.

But now, according to a press release, at least “60 Minutes” is going to report on the case this Sunday and show part of the film, which harshly criticizes some Islamic attitudes towards women. Hirsi Ali, the Somalian actrees/activist who wrote the script and starred and is now living underground in fear for her life, will appear on the program and announce that she is doing a sequel. In Ali’s words to “60 Minutes'” Morley Safer:

“By not making ‘Submission Part Two,’ I would only be helping terrorists believe that if they use violence, they are rewarded with what they want.”

What guts! Hirsi Ali is the kind of fellow artist Robbins, Sarandon, Penn et al should be supporting. Where are they? Time to get your eyes away from your navels, Hollywood, and join the movement for democracy.