Roger L. Simon


According to the AP, all the Baathists could muster up for their “Go Bashar!” demonstration in Damascus today was three thousand people… not an especially impressive number for a fascist state. And this is an AP report, so…

UPDATE: Bashar makes a semi-demi-hemi retreat. [Is that like a limited hangout?–ed. No it’s like a limited Hama.] But the US isn’t buying:

WASHINGTON – Keeping up the pressure on Syria, the United States on Saturday strongly criticized President Bashar Assad for announcing only a partial pullback of his troops from Lebanon.

“President Assad’s announcement is not enough,” the State Department said in a statement issued hours after the Syrian leader made the pledge in a speech to parliament.

“As President Bush said Friday, when the United States and France say withdraw, we mean complete withdrawal – no halfhearted measures,” the statement said.

France? Count to ten and see if Chirac undercuts that one. Or can he in this instance?

MORE: Austin Bay… a man who knows his global strategy… has some disturbing reports from Syria. All with the proper caveats. No one said this was going to be easy.