Roger L. Simon

"History in the making - may optimism triumph"

That is the headline from some news analysis in tomorrow (Tuesday Mar 1) morning’s The Daily Star of Lebanon. How could you express this moment in history better? And how about this from the Star’s article:

Where do we go from here? Who will fill the political vacuum yesterday’s events have left? Hariri’s sister, MP Bahia Hariri, who spoke both eloquently and movingly in the stormy parliamentary session that preceded the government’s resignation, is being talked about as a possible candidate for the premiership.

If Lebanon is ready for a female prime minister she must surely be the first choice.

Whoever it is will have the trust of the people in a way that few politicians can ever enjoy. Let us hope this optimism, this trust and this moment is not betrayed. To paraphrase Karami’s last words as prime minister, May God preserve what the people of Lebanon have achieved.

I don’t want to sound self-satisfied, because that’s always dangerous and I’m really not anyway (self-satisfied, that is). But I’m beginning to feel sorry for all my friends and former friends who thought I’d gone crazy when I supported the war in Iraq. They must be feeling left out, although I am sure many of them block the news out or make sure it is sufficiently leavened with bad news not to disrupt their world views. After all, we’ll all be dead relatively soon in the grand scheme of things and it doesn’t matter much what any of us think anyway. But isn’t it nice to be on the optimistic side of things, rooting for human freedom?