Roger L. Simon

Live-Blogging Oscar?

Several people have emailed to ask if I would be live-blogging the Academy Awards. No way. It’s not nearly interesting enough for that. And what if I fall asleep? I have no incentive to stay awake. I don’t have any money in a pool this year.

But I am interested to see if anyone mentions the killing of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, an event which apparently is instigating an increased exodus by the Dutch from their own country. Will Van Gogh appear in the annual montage of those film figures who left us during the past year? Color me surprised, but impressed, if he does.

UPDATE: The real mystery, according to CNN, is whether anybody will watch. Will “awards fatigue” prevail? [Hey, I thought you weren’t going to blog the Oscars.-ed. I’m not. I’m saving my story of how Joan Rivers fired me for my book.]

AND: Pieter Dorsman notes that he and others were ahead of the NYT (see above) on the fleeing Dutchmen. No doubt they were.