Roger L. Simon

Calling Rewrite!

Okay, there’s no such thing as “rewrite,” but it sure looks like it’s going to be a loooong Oscar Night if the best Chris Rock can come up with is yet another (yawn) “Bush is Dumb” joke like the following he’s supposedly going to crack us up with:

“Bush is not stupid. All you people who say that are wrong. You can’t be an idiot and get to be president. You gotta give the guy a little credit. Anyone that’s smart enough to get that far has got to be just acting dumb.”

I know Chris may not have been following the news (inconvenient for the reified) but the New York Times reported long ago that experts think Bush has a higher IQ than Kerry. Who cares? Well, I guess Chris Rock. [Get that man for our Texas Hold ‘Em game.–ed. You betcha!]

Note to Rock: Hire Tim Blair.

UPDATE: Some people have written me as an Acad member who I think is the best Oscar host. In recent years, Billy Crystal by a mile. Overall: Bob Hope. And I don’t even like Hope that much (except for his very funny early work like The Cat and the Canary). But for Oscar night I favor the cornball and the traditional.