Roger L. Simon

It's the Lawyers, Stupid

When I read Joe Hagan’s piece in today’s New York Observer on the continued CBS Rathergate Follies, which details some of the legal jockeying surrounding the cover-up and subsequent firings, I was immediately struck with a low-rent
“Aha!” concering that other “gate” named Eason. No wonder Jordan was defenestrated so quickly by CNN. Loose lips of that nature are legally perilous for any corporation. I know nothing of Swiss law, obviously, but suppose someone connected with US military decided to launch a defamation suit against Jordan? And he said similar nonsense in Portugal.

The idea that he is victim of “blogger lynching” is simply nonsense. The internal firing squad is far more lethal.

UPDATE: More on what Jordan hath wrought. (ht: Buzz Machine)