Roger L. Simon

Only a mile from Zabar's...

… well maybe a scootch more… Alan Dershowitz tells it like it is at Columbia:

“This is the most unbalanced university that I have come across when it comes to all sides of the Middle East conflict being presented,” Mr. Dershowitz told hundreds of students and a smattering of Columbia faculty members.

“I have never seen a university with as much faculty silence,” he said.

At a campus already divided by a controversy that has flared for months – one that pits a handful of Jewish students against some professors in the Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures department – the appearance of Mr. Dershowitz was the latest indication that the most serious crisis of President Lee Bollinger’s tenure is far from over.

MEANWHILE: Jonah G. is going after that other font of Middle East integrity, the factually-challenged Juan Cole. Scroll down from here.