Roger L. Simon

Sushi Blogging

We have had a few controversies on this blog that have engendered debates that almost brought down the server [Please, no more discussion of The Passion…Please… No… -ed.], so I hesitate to broach anything as controversial as sushi… especially to residents of Central Los Angeles… but in honor of frequent commenter Mongai — who generously has offered to buy sushi for readers of this blog visiting his hometown of Kyoto — I am going to venture forth with my recommendations for sushi in that other great mecca of raw fish… Studio City CA. (No, I’m not treating. I still have to put a six-year old through school.) For some obscure reason known only to a certain Zen Master in the mountains of Hokkaido, a roughly one-mile strip of Ventura Blvd. in that small subsection of the San Fernando Valley has become the location of more good sushi bars than any place East of Guam.

My picks: As of this writing, Sheryl and I have a new favorite – Kazu (11440 Ventura)- very quiet, discrete, excellent omikase (chef’s choice sushi dinner)for a fair price and without the lines of the more famous and less comfortable Nozawa nearby. [Okay, you just ruined it.-ed. You don’t have to come.]

Also great, though more pricey, are the very chic and rock and roll Asanebo (11941 Ventura) and the family friendly Zagat favorite Katsu-ya (11680). There are more, but I have to take Madeleine to school. (Her lunch: miso soup in a thermos… Is this a Jewish or a Japanese family?)