Roger L. Simon

Letter from Teheran

The following is a letter (open, I assume) to President Bush from an Iranian citizen in Teheran that has been circulating via email to a list of people interested in a free Iran. I am posting it here in the hopes that Teddy Kennedy might see it. (Just kidding. A lot of surprising people drop by this blog from time-to-time but I don’t think he’s one of them.) I’m really posting it because it moved me and I thought you might find it interesting. It is unedited, obviously.

Dear Mr President;
I heard your wonderful world loving speech ; it brought tears to my eyes ; you couldn’t imagine how you made me feel!!!
Your policy is right about Iran ; please don’t let anyone get in your way specially the Europian Union ; all they care for , are their benefits (black gold , multi million dollar contracts and etc… )
for price of what ???World humen lives!!! (Terrorism and atomic bombs)!!!
We are behind you %100 ; we would love to have good relations with you ; our nations have mixed with each other ; my son is half American and so lots of others like me.
Our country is in the hands of terrorists who have been brain washing our people for 26 years to hate ; to die ; to kill etc…
On walls of streets they write death to America ; also on the roads!!!
They are anti American and overall western world!!!
We are just like prisoners here in our own country ; no freedom of speech ; no freedom of press ; no freedom of thoughts ; no freedom of religion ; no freedom of pre marriage relationship ; no freedom of social activity (music) , no social freedom ; no political freedom ; no ecconomical freedom and on and on and on!!!!!
Your prisons in U.S have much better living condition than here!!!
Do not trust them for a second ; they are the biggest liers world has ever seen , they might say ok what ever you say in the last minute ; to buy time and when your presidntial term is over ; no doubt they would start again!!!
I am cofident that %99 of our people want regime change!!! Please support us by not negotiating (any talks) and don’t let any other country do it either.
Put pressure on our opposition leaders to becaome united ; also our media.
Make sure that people inside hears the leadership by radio station that can’t be disturbed by any parasites or noise.
Our movement must be organized to work.
I have a lot more things to say to you but knowing that you are very busy ; I cut it short.
If it’s possible for your adminstration ; please reply my email by your comments ; Thank you so much

Babak from Iran — Tehran
Babak — sos214(Member of sosiran )
Please support

UPDATE: Regarding the provenance of this letter, I have the full name and email address of the sender and the full list of addressees, almost all Iranian names. This does not mean it is authentic, of course, but I suspect some of these dozens of addressees know the sender and can check.