Roger L. Simon

Just like Eason Jordan...

… the United Nations “bent over backwards” to please Saddam Hussein said Iraq’s new ambassador to that organization, according to this Bloomberg report.

“The memorandum of understanding was negotiated in a way to accommodate the regime’s requirements, which laid the basis for what went wrong later,” Ambassador Samir Sumaidaie said today at a news conference following the release yesterday of former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker’s preliminary report on the UN-administered oil-for-food program.” (there’s more – read on)

MEANWHILE, major media are maintaining silence around Saddam’s other enabler, CNN’s Eason Jordan who seemed more willing to make accusations of homicidal behavior toward US servicemen than he ever was toward the dictator. I join with Mickey in wondering where Howard Kurtz is in all this. Will he maintain silence or break “the old boys’ club” on this issue? If this isn’t an important media story, what is?

UPDATE: Evidently we will all be seeing video tape of the Jordan WEF discussion shortly. I’m certainly curious.