Roger L. Simon

Here Comes (not your father's) Mr. Jordan

More disturbing material about CNN News Chief Eason Jordan has appeared on Captain’s Quarters (keep scrolling). (Among other things, Jordan appeared to accuse US troops of targetin journalists in Irag… and, yes, there’s more…) A blog swarm seems to be forming and, even though such swarms, in and of themselves, do not appeal to me (I prefer to lay out), this story is deeply troubling. Outside the United States, CNN is the face of American television news and what they broadcast is taken (incorrectly, of course) as the view of our country in foreign places. Special responsibility would appear to devolve from that. Even if Mr. Jordan is merely loose-lipped (not infrequently, if one believes the reports on CQ,), he is not the kind of personality who should be managing an international news network. CNN, which has lost many viewers recently here in their home country, should pay attention.