Roger L. Simon

Which Side Are You On - Part 795

Call it reactionary politics or just plain ignorance (possibly more likely), but the pathetic silence of the Hollywood Community in the face of the ongoing repression of film artists by jihadists in the Netherlands continues uninterrupted. According to this NYT report:

The Netherlands’ main film festival, now going on in Rotterdam, canceled a showing of a short documentary denouncing violence against Muslim women that was made by Theo van Gogh, who was killed 10 weeks ago. An Islamic militant is accused of the crime.

Where are the so-called Hollywood Liberals in all this? Perhaps I’ve missed it, by I haven’t seen one of them stand up on this obvious human rights and free expression issue. Did the Sundance Film Festival think to screen his film in memoriam to Van Gogh amongst its denigrations of American militarism?

UPDATE: It may not have been at Sundance, but you can see “Submission” here at the website of its screenwriter/star Hirsi Ali.