Roger L. Simon

You mother was wrong...

… when she said “Stop fidgeting!

Couch potatoes and computer users can jump for glee as according to a new study the simple act of fidgeting burns important calories that can keep people lean.

Mayo Clinic researchers recruited 10 lean and 10 mildly obese self-proclaimed couch potatoes to wear specially designed underwear that monitored and recorded their every movement over a period of 10 days. And also the study was conducted using high-tech underwear, which detect the smallest movements and take measurements every half second. Twenty people, half of them lean and the other half mildly obese, wore the garments nonstop for ten days as they went about their every day, normal activities. All participants were self professed ‘couch potatoes’ and none engaged in regular exercise The researchers found the obese volunteers tended to be less active than their lean counterparts.