Roger L. Simon


72% voter turnout in Iraq. Democracy triumphs!

Don’t gloat with your friends who said we did the wrong thing. (Okay, gloat a little). A special shout for Omar and Mohammed. You go, guys! You are a model!

Even Reuters is singing a different tune. This is incredible!

And the epidemic is spreading!

But there is still trouble in paradise. Via Hugh Hewitt, the headline of my hometown LAT this morning is “Who’s Dying in our War?” [The MSM-ed.] And John Kerry sounds like a reactionary jerk. And this man seems equally irrelevant. Why doesn’t he give his billions to medical research rather inflict his narcissistic opinions on us?

Great coverage from Blair. This photo from Cigars in the Sand says it all: fingers.jpg

Big losers today – Administration of the University of Michigan (employers of Juan Cole) and Teddy Kennedy’s cardiologist (it will be hard to keep the Senator on his diet after his humiliation). Big winner for similar reasons – Barbara Boxer’s cosmetic surgeon. Big cartoon winner (not Boondocks, obviously).