Roger L. Simon

Frankencense and No Mirth

Hindrocket evidently appeared on Al Franken’s Air America (not to be confused with Team America) show today. I missed it, but according to Hind:

Franken was interested in one subject only, himself, and devoted the entire time to quizzing me about posts we have done over the years that mentioned him. Unfortunately, the only time I’ve ever mentioned Franken in a post was a year and a half ago, and I had no memory of it, which didn’t exactly make for scintillating radio.

I don’t get Franken’s popularity or importance or whatever it is. It’s not his old school (yawn) traditional liberalish opinions that don’t sound as if they’ve changed one jot since he entered junior high that bother me. They’re okay, if dull. There are certainly a lot of people who agree with him. What I don’t get is why he’s considered funny. He never makes me laugh. And that’s not because of his politics. Margaret Cho–as whacko as she sometimes is–can put me on the floor, especially when she talks about her mother. Franken sends me reaching for the remote, no matter what he’s talking about. His bozo-brained non-interview with Hindrocket is another example of why Franken is in the wrong business. Maybe he should be a CPA and Dennis the Peasant (a CPA) who comments on here should be a comic. Dennis is a lot funnier.