Roger L. Simon

As Dorothy Parker once said...

Jeff Jarvis emailed to point me to his post about his recent contretemps with Eric Alterman. Jeff knows me well enough to know it’s the kind of thing that would send steam coming out of my ears — and it did. But because of sound advice from my wife, daughter and cardiologist, I told myself to calm down. Alterman’s reactionary drivel is not worth elevating my blood pressure. There was nothing I could ever do about Alterman anyway, except not read him (which I don’t already). Then I started to laugh, remembering this immortal couplet from Dorothy Parker:

I’d rather flunk my Wasserman test
Than read a poem by Edgar Guest.

That’s how I feel about Alterman.

UPDATE: Here’s one of Mr. Alterman’s allies.

MORE: The California murder rates are here.