Roger L. Simon

Trust But Verify

Something is happening in the Palestinian terrritories. What it is ain’t ‘xac’ly clear, as the song goes but…. Skeptical as we have a right to be, for now we should be doing our best to encourage Mahmoud Abbas. He’s a lot better than Arafat so far — even Benjamin Netanyahu admitted as much on Neil Cavuto’s show last night. This latest New York Times report spreads the optimism:

Israel and the United States praised the effort by the new Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to halt rocket and mortar attacks on Israeli civilians as more Palestinian policemen were sent on Saturday to patrol Gaza’s borders.

Well, good. I know its way too early to say, but just maybe the atmosphere is changing. Maybe the Palestinian people are looking over at Iraq and are reacting quite differently from the negativists in our MSM. Where our media pessimists see “Insurgents,” the Paleos see fascistic, thuggish Arabs murdering other innocent Arabs. Many of them don’t want that – for good reason. What our MSM has defined as our “immoral” war in Iraq may already have caused a positive climate change in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict (coupled with the death of the Caudillo, of course).