Roger L. Simon

NPR Doesn't Think I Exist...

… or a fair number of the readers of this blog either. I listened to some of their Inauguration coverage this evening while stuck in traffic. For nearly ten minutes the only Bush supporters they interviewed sounded like they just stepped out of a Holy Roller tent and couldn’t think of anything else to say about the occasion than “Thank you, Jesus!” It was almost comical. That’s one helluva revival meeting. That real, live agnostics or even normal garden variety deists could have voted for Bush seemed outside the realm of possibility to the woman doing NPR’s commentary. This would be fine (though dumb) if this were Air America or Pacifica Radio or even CBS. These networks are owned by their stockholders and/or their listeners and they are entitled to their opinions and biases. But this is National Public Radio — we pay for this. I don’t care which side is in office, it’s time for NPR and PBS to skip the pseudo-objective political commentary and stick to cultural programming. How about a good production of Cosi Fan Tutte?

UPDATE: Armed Liberal had his own run in with NPR.