Roger L. Simon

Take Your Golden Globe and Shove It!

Anyone who doubts that Hollywood has become a soulless, hard-nosed business run by corporate technocrats who wouldn’t know an editing room from a bomb shelter ought to read this report from Page Six. Even Clint Eastwood is having trouble getting his movies made by the very Warner Brothers where the box office generated by his films must have built several buildings. If not Clint, who?

But speaking of the Golden Globes, Sheryl saw this amusing interchange in Lloyd Groves’ column:’s Roger Friedman pointed out in a recent column that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an odd band of 93 journalists and quasi-journalists who run the Globes, enjoys nonprofit status even though it rakes in millions and lives high on the hog courtesy of a long-term contract with NBC.

So at Saturday’s very civilized British tea at the Park Hyatt, HFPA President Lorenzo Soria set upon Friedman and hurled bitter insults at him for his enlightening report.

At one point, according to a witness, Soria attempted to draw Thomas Haden Church (“Sideways”) into the fray.

“He’s a jerk,” Soria advised a very baffled Church, who happened to be standing nearby.

Friedman calmly kept asking pointed questions about the association’s internal workings.

“It’s none of your business,” replied Soria, who writes for Italy’s La Stampa.

“But it is my business,” Friedman parried.

UPDATE: Viewers were evidently not interested in these bozo awards either.